Tylore Christensen

Tylore Christensen
Senior Business Strategist


Tylore has always had that genuine entrepreneur spirit. Once out of college, Tylore started a real estate company with her aunt and mother called 3 Girls Real Estate. She was able to thrive and became one of the top agents in the Scottsdale area where she worked with buyers, sellers and investors. The economic collapse in 2008 took Tylore on a detour where, for the first time in her life, she was forced to make a decision to pursue corporate America while waiting for the housing market to make a comeback. Over the next decade, Tylore worked her way up to a senior level Software Sales Executive where she worked with Fortune 500 Enterprises for 12 years.

In 2017, Tylore attended a Tony Robbins UPW, and she knew this was going to lead her to the path that had been calling to her. She had always been deeply interested and involved in personal development and growth, but Tony Robbins approach and success was unlike anything she had ever experienced. The following year she was committed to attend another event of Tony’s and chose Business Mastery. What better way to get a “Master’s in Business” than through a Tony Robbins program? This event was life changing and she was able to increase her sales revenues and commissions over 60% in the next 6 months.

Tylore now lives her life with passion and energy; helping her clients achieve maximum results. Her mission is to wake people up to become that best version of themselves.

Tylore lives in Southern California with her 5 year-old son where they live a very active and healthy lifestyle.

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