Michele Calo
Senior Coaching Consultant




As a Senior Coaching Consultant, I help clients get crystal clear about what they want in their lives and what is preventing them from having it. I have 16 years of experience with the Tony Robbins family and I truly believe in helping others achieve their goals. After attending UPW in 2002, my life was completely transformed and I hope to bring that same transformation to my clients. I am a certified coach, certified NASM personal trainer and a sports nutrition specialist. I have also been trained in NLP, an integral part of Tony Robbins Results Coaching. I currently live in Annapolis, Maryland with my three kids. In my spare time, I love to workout, dance and go to the beach. I also compete in fitness and help others achieve a healthier life.

If you’re on this page, you’re about to have quite an experience. My coaches are uniquely qualified in the very same strategies, tools and methods I have developed and used over 37 years to help over 3 million people — in over 100 countries. To get everything you deserve, you have to play full out — commit and deliver to changing your life and your coach will guide through your transformation. If you do this, you’re going to see massive results and finally live the life you’ve only imagined so far! I commend you for taking this step towards the life you deserve. Enjoy your journey with Tony Robbins Results Coaching and as always live with passion.

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