James Dugan
Personal Results Specialist



As a Personal Results Specialist, I empower my clients to break through their limitations and achieve the results they desire. I am so grateful to work with a company striving to change lives everywhere and ignite the human spirit in everyone — my passion for this mission fuels me daily.

I have been blessed with successful careers in both public service and corporate America prior to coming to Tony Robbins. This has allowed me to help both individuals and companies overcome the challenges they are facing. I have experience in public relations, crisis management and take a real personal approach with all of my clients who are struggling to overcome their limiting beliefs that are holding them back from the life they desire. In business, I thrive on creating winning teams through strategic planning and business development. As a general management executive and consultant for over 10 years, I championed the growth of emerging businesses and oversaw organization change in existing companies.

I currently live in Laguna Niguel, California with my wife. We have three children who have grown to lead successful lives of their own — the ultimate achievement for a parent. My time as a parent has allowed me to serve as a Church Youth Leader and Summer Camp Counselor, Youth Athletic Coach and a NJ Special Olympics volunteer and fundraiser.