Cynthia Savage
Personal Results Specialist


“As a Personal Results Specialist, I serve client who are curious about Tony’s events. By helping my clients see what lies at the root of their desires in life, I am able to guide them into a beautiful state and help them break through their perceived limitations. I believe each of my clients have a light unique to them and am invested in helping guide their highest vision of themselves to become who they truly are.

Before working with Tony Robbins, I worked for Deepak Chopra. I have been a yoga teacher for many years — and once upon a time was an actress and performer. In my numerous travels around the world, I have met many incredible individuals who have given me the gift of compassion and the medicine of laughter and humor. With this vast array of life experiences, I am able to connect to a wide variety of people.

I was born in Ecuador and currently live in Encinitas, California with my family, our dog, cat and two chickens. When I’m not serving my clients, I am dancing, practicing yoga and spending time with my family.”