Bashar Esteitieh

Bashar Esteitieh
Personal Results Specialist


Allow me to start my story with an interesting fact about my name, my is Bashar comes from an Arabic word that means the person that delivers the good news, isn’t that cool? But guess what, my last name (Esteitieh) is actually a honorable type of bird that’s able to travel overseas.

When I attended my first UPW I went to seek my purpose in life. While I was having a blast, my partner at that event asked me what my name meant, I answered his question and that’s when it all clicked to me, I found my mission, and found my answer that I came for. “I am a bird that flies overseas to deliver people good news”. Wow! I connected the dots and saw it through, that’s exactly why I was born, I lived in 5 different countries across the world, so many different cities in the past few years, all to learn and grow, to love & connect.

Since that UPW my life never been the same, I got in the best physical shape ever (lost 60 pounds), quadrupled my income, I got promoted twice at work, and gained much more clarity and motive in my life. When I saw my own results, I was so pumped to pay it forward, so I decided to quit my job at one of Americas fortune 100 companies, to join Tony on his mission today in making other people’s quality of live better each day.

Today I live my dream of putting a smile on each face I face and living my mission everyday by delivering the best news to everyone that is seeking a better future. I am born to tell you that yes everything is possible, and to help Tony to remind you to live with passion.

I now happily live in Las Vegas in my new house and the always sunny weather. I can’t wait to connect with you wherever you are – I want to hear your story too.

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