Ania Hulsman
Tony Robbins Results Coach

+44 20 3290 2868

My personal mission is to stop suffering and make this world a happy place, starting with my clients. I do this by empowering my clients, helping them to leverage their strengths so that they can create massive fulfilment in their lives. I pride myself in being both logical and direct as well as heart-centered and intuitive. My clients gain enormous clarity and insights into who they are, as well as how they show up in the world so they can become the person they truly want to be. I have a special gift of fostering trust with all, even the most introverted individuals, by creating a safe space for the “magic” to happen.

Apart from the rigorous and on-going Tony Robbins training, I am Co-Active Coaching trained, Neuro-Linguistics practitioner, certified Holistic Health Coach and have a post-graduate certificate in Education. I have helped clients get out of unhealthy relationships and into healthy relationships, overcome anxiety and depression, lose weight sustainably and easily, turn an embryonic business into a profit-making business, increase earnings/profits and start a new career to name but a few.

I met the love of my life on a coaches training course, where a wild whirlwind romance lead to a deeply fulfilling relationship and two beautiful and hilarious children, Max and Nina. I also have two marvelous older, creative and very independent step-daughters, Amber and Martine. Outside of the kids and husband, I love health and fitness, art and travel.

The Tony Robbins Advantage

With nearly 40 years of proven success, ours are the only coaches trained in Tony Robbin’s proprietary techniques and methodologies. which have helped millions change their lives forever.

Unlike other coaching programs, your Tony Robbins Results Coach will go beyond simple strategy and mentoring. Your Results Coach knows, the mind is the key to your success. Even a great strategy doesn’t matter without the right mindset to implement it. What if you took active control of your mind and redirected your focus on living life at the next level? What if you had the tools to re-program the way you think? To developed a mindset so positive, so powerful that you design a life that gives you fulfillment, joy and passion?

Empowering Yourself Through Coaching

All great leaders have coaches, even Tony. Your coach helps you breakthrough limitations, set new goals and keeps you accountable to ensure you get the results you desire in any area of your life. From mindset to accountability, strategic thinking to execution, your Results Coach is always there to help you reach your peak.
Here’s a few ways we help you do it:

  • Gain clarity in your purpose – Get clear and focused on the goals and objective that will radically change your life in the next year.
  • Achieve your health & fitness goals – More energy, more vitality and more accountability from a coach that pushes you. Stay committed for real results and start living the life you desire
  • Ignite passion in your relationships – Remove beliefs that are sabotaging you from true connection and discover the key to fulfillment in relationships.
  • Become a more effective leader – Break through limitations and gain the skills to persuade, inspire and connect with others
  • Prepare for change – Tap into courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you
  • Grow your business – Commit in times of uncertainty, and step out of your comfort zone to drive sales & profits.

Maximizing Your Results:

The secret to taking life to the next level is just one word – progress. Progress equals happiness. To achieve this, you have to remember: progress results from actively and consciously engaging – playing full out and challenging yourself to achieve the goals ahead.

The relationship you have with your Tony Robbins Results Coach is a partnership. Your coach will come prepared and give 200% to ensure your success and accountability. To get everything you deserve, you too must do your part by following through on the commitments you make.

To make sure you’re prepared, here are a reminder of the basic guidelines in your contract:

  • Call your coach – To start each session, you are responsible to call your coach at the agreed upon start time
  • 30-minute sessions – be prompt to avoid missing valuable time
  • Come prepared – complete any action items you committed to between sessions
  • Speak openly & honestly – communications with your coach are fully confidential
  • 24-hour cancellation policy – No shows, rescheduling or cancelling with less than 24-hour notice is considered a completed session and will be counted towards your coaching plan