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The First Master Step to Leadership


Posted by: Team Tony

You can’t influence someone until you get to know and appreciate that person’s world. What already influences them? What do they want, value, fear, or believe? You must be able to see how they experience life. It is important to listen and begin to notice the environment a person lives in and how they fit into it, as well as how their experience of life is affected by the rewards and punishments they are currently facing.

What does this all mean? It means that the first master step to leadership is all about digging beneath the surface to ask “What is really going on here?” 

But it takes more than simply understanding who the person is and what drives their behaviors to begin leading them – you also have to watch their body language and listen carefully as they react to you, and you must continue to seek to understand and appreciate their circumstances and their state. The key here is to be patient and persistent as you dig: this can take time. But the more proactive you are (this is not a passive process!), the more quickly you will make progress.

Step 1 in action

While this is just one step out of seven, mastering this step alone can have a major impact on your ability to lead since this is the step where you learn how to truly understand and connect on a deep level with those around you. In fact, one Leadership Academy attendee turned around an entire department in her company thanks to mastering this step:

Are you having a hard time motivating your team?

Jennifer White, 42, was recently promoted to regional manager in a struggling department – team morale was down and lead conversions had dropped. Despite their best effort, new processes, productivity and team building exercises yielded little success. The situation seemed hopeless.

Inspire everyone around you
Last fall, Jennifer took action and attended Leadership Academy to learn new tools and strategies – directly from the experts – with the ultimate goal of driving results to save her department and inspire her staff. What kicked-off her winning streak was the first master step…

 Master Step #1: Connect Understand & Appreciate Their World

  • Understand who you are dealing with and what is shaping them.
  • Appreciate three things about the person: their Six Human Needs, their Model of the World and their beliefs about what has to happen in order to make it all work.
  • Don’t be passive — you must be proactive.

The Incredible Results: 
Jennifer learned that in order to influence anyone she needed to understand what truly drives them – their individual desires, personal values and behavioral styles. Jennifer developed the skills to not only better relate to her staff, but to lead them to achieve incredible results.

Ready to become a more influential leader for your teams?

At Leadership Academy, you’ll learn about Tony’s 7 Master Steps to Produce Lasting Change and how to use the Triad – Tony’s proven method to instantly shift anyone’s emotions in an instant – to positively influence yourself and others. With real-time 1:1 leadership training, you get immediate practice and receive feedback on everything you’re learning, giving you renewed confidence and certainty to implement these skills and create lasting change when you return home.


Cultivate your unstoppable influence at Leadership Academy

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