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Date With Destiny

Create a life of fulfillment

How Date With Destiny Changes Lives

Posted by: Team Tony

Our desire to be perfect is what prevents us from being our true selves. For some of us, it’s not about finding yourself. Many of us know who we are, and have been really successful in life. However, as Tony tells us – the science of achievement does not equal the art of fulfillment. We need both to find true happiness.

Are you already succeeding, but still not feeling fulfilled?

That’s what brought Derek Hough to Date with Destiny. A successful performer with two-time Primetime Emmy Award wins for Outstanding Choreography, Derek had achieved so many of his goals before he was 30. Despite this, he couldn’t find any fulfillment in his life. At the age of 15, Derek had attended UPW and remembered how unstoppable he felt after that event. He realized how, 15 years later, the core concepts Tony taught still guided every area of his life. He wanted to discover that same drive and sense of accomplishment he felt years ago.

At Date with Destiny, Derek discovered why his life lacked fulfillment. He was looking for it in external situations, in his career and relationships, instead of looking for it in himself. Tony helped him understand that everything he needed was within him — that fulfillment in your career and relationships would only come after he found fulfillment within himself. He realized he didn’t need to achieve something in order to feel worthy or significant. He didn’t need to receive love in order to give it.

“You grow so much, so fast that you literally don’t recognize the person you were the first day to the last day.”

To hear more about Derek’s journey to find fulfillment, watch the video below.


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Shape the extraordinary life you deserve at Date with Destiny

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