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Tony shows Darcy the power of a niche business that can scale

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If you’re a business owner, then you know the power of developing and executing a world-class marketing strategy. But how do you go about creating the world-class marketing plan that will set you apart from your competition? How do you find and convey your unique selling proposition?

Marketing isn’t just about doing something unique – it’s about adding more value than anyone else in the game. Doing more for your customer than anyone else. And in this episode, we’re taking you to Business Mastery, where you’ll hear Tony speak with Darcy: a woman who is struggling to find her niche, even despite an impressive resume of clients.

Darcy runs a successful production company that works with some of the biggest companies around the world. But up to this point, Darcy has relied on word-of-mouth to propel her business’s growth. And while her referrals have gotten her up to a certain point, it’s not enough to create the massive impact that she longs for. She needs a world-class marketing strategy.

Listen as Tony shows Darcy how to move out of her own way and eliminate the beliefs that are holding her back. And learn exactly how you can start to find your unique niche, and start building the brand that will take your company to the next level. Because if you do what everyone else is doing but better, you’ll only get an incremental return. But if you do what no one else is doing, you’ll find geometric rewards. Isn’t it time you stepped up your game?


[01:10] Episode introduction
[03:00] Meet Darcy
[03:15] What’s your definition of great?
[03:30] What do you want that you don’t have?
[03:40] What’s preventing your growth?
[04:35] This is not a new thought
[05:25] Generating more business
[05:40] Her greatest limitation is her reputation
[06:11] The problem with 1 type of marketing
[06:30] Finding 6 or 7 ways to generate business
[06:50] Building a business that is driven
[07:00] Owning a niche
[07:45] A girl scout’s strategy
[08:30] The Michael Glickman story
[09:20] If you do the same thing as everyone else
[10:10] Becoming an identity / a brand
[13:20] Brands that have made an indelible impact
[13:45] Setting yourself apart
[14:00] Do something that makes you worth of being branded
[14:10] The trash strike – an opportunity
[15:10] Be the guy that adds value
[17:15] What’s the niche you could own?
[17:25] Why should I do business with you?
[19:20] The belief that’s limiting her
[20:30] Growing her business 30%
[21:20] Training people by your state
[22:30] We are always training eachother
[23:00] The real challenge is training yourself
[23:40] Stopping the stressful thoughts
[22:15] Be willing to fail
[24:45] Break the pattern, develop new habits
[25:00] You get what you tolerate
[25:30] Scarcity can be a good thing
[26:20] Don’t be afraid to fire a customer
[29:20] Business is a mutual decision

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