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The Ultimate Success Formula

Joseph McClendon III on the four steps to getting what you want

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People who succeed in any situation have a pattern of what they do to succeed. It doesn’t matter if that success is in business or in a relationship — it doesn’t matter what the context or environment is. The fundamental lessons or laws of succeeding are very basic, and we call it the Ultimate Success Formula and it is just one of the many fascinating strategies taught at Tony’s mega-popular seminar, Unleash the Power Within.

In this episode, you will hear renowned author, presenter and ultimate performance specialist Joseph McClendon III delve into the Ultimate Success Formula — the four step process that helps you take massive action to get what you really want. It could be dramatic change in your own business,  a much-needed step you need to take in your relationship. Or maybe you’re finally committing to shedding those extra pounds and maintaining a consistent level of strength and vitality. Chances are, you know what it is – that one thing that you know you just need to do, or do better than you are today. And this is the system to use to achieve that goal you have in your mind.


[00:30] What is UPW
[02:50] How JM3 first became connected with Tony
[08:00] Making a massive shift in his life
[10:00] What is the Ultimate Success Formula?
[10:30] Know your outcome
[13:55] Know your reasons “why”
[15:30] Taking massive action
[17:00] Learn how to celebrate
[18:30] Change your approach
[20:00] Who will thrive at UPW


The 2-millimeter rule – Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can yield the biggest results.

How to ditch your to-do list – The RPM system replaces your time or life management systems with a system of thinking, helping you focus on the key results that are most important in your life.

The power of chunking – One of the core components of the RPM system that helps you find a more efficient and effective approach to getting things done.

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