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Tony plus 6 top business experts with advice on how to protect your business today, and prepare for future growth

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The coronavirus pandemic is affecting everybody in the entire world. Things are changing fast, and we are all being forced to adapt.

And if you’re a small business owner, you are being faced with many challenges – from figuring out how to keep your business afloat, to the tough decision of whether or not you can keep your team employed.

You may be fearful of what’s to come, because right now – there’s a lot that’s unknown. But instead of letting fear take over and consume you, now is the time to draw upon your conviction and leadership – to draw upon your training and preparation – because winter is here.

And when this economic winter is over, there will be those who squandered it, and there will be those who seized the opportunity present in this challenge – who stepped up with creativity and innovation, seeking to add as much value as possible to their clients.

In this episode, we are bringing you interviews from Tony’s top business partners and speakers from his Business Mastery event, who will be sharing their advice on how you can not just survive in this climate, but set yourself up to thrive in the future. They’ll discuss everything from how to increase cash flow, to how to expand your digital audience, and how to bed communicate with your clients and stakeholders.

You’ll also hear from Tony on how you, as a leader, can manage your mindset and create momentum in your business – so when this comes to an end – which it will – your business succeeds like never before.


[00:30] A gift for you
[1:00]] There’s a lot that’s unknown right now
[1:30] Top speakers and experts
[2:00] A message from Tony
[2:30] Tony puts things in perspective
[3:00] You’ve got to be made for winter
[3:30] Good times are coming
[4:00] Autumn fruitfulness
[4:30] Businesses born in winter
[5:00] Coffee analogy
[5:30] Feed your mind daily
[6:00] Be ready to crush it
[6:30] Intro Donald Miller
[7:00] Unprecedented times
[7:30] Over communicate
[8:00] Presidential press conference
[8:30] Empathy
[9:00] Competency
[9:30] Pilot example
[10:00] One-two-punch
[10:30] Intro Ryan Diess
[11:00] How to make the most of this time
[11:30] Audience expansion
[12:00] People tend to grasp in this time
[12:30] Open wide
[13:00] Tone-deaf
[13:30] Engage with the current conversation
[14:00] Reflect the times
[14:30] That’s not the reality right now
[15:00] Stay in the game
[15:30] Don’t go to zero
[16:00] The snapback
[16:30] Watch your team
[17:00] Community
[17:30] Give so much it hurts
[18:00] What do you miss and what don’t you miss
[18:30] Friday nights
[19:00] This will end
[19:30] Anticipation is power
[20:00] The Core 4
[20:30] Unshakeable
[21:00] Intro Todd Hartley
[21:30] This is created for you
[22:00] On demand buying experience
[22:30] Making learning easy
[23:00] Video is sticky
[23:30] Deliver information like your best salesperson
[24:00] Finding common ground
[24:30] Don’t ignore the tricky
[25:00] Show and tell
[25:30] Move closer to clarity
[26:00] Internal champion
[26:30] Important tool
[27:00] Viewing time
[27:30] You don’t need to get fancy
[28:00] Massive decisive action
[28:30] Polishing stone
[29:00] Let’s go
[29:30] Intro Roland Fraser
[30:00] Runway
[30:30] The cash to survive
[31:00] How to determine your runway
[31:30] How to get as much cash available
[32:00] Monthly expenses
[32:30] Build your lists
[33:00] Adapting marketing
[33:30] Talk to your customers
[34:00] Repositioning
[34:30] Essential or a treat
[35:00] Latest numbers
[35:30] Free offers
[36:00] Paid trials
[36:30] Virtualized lives events
[37:00] Intro Jay Abraham
[37:30] Fortify your relationships
[38:00] What else?
[38:30] Doing what’s best
[39:00] Acquire market share
[39:30] Assets
[40:00] Acquisition further
[40:30] Keep others alive
[41:00] Window of opportunity
[41:30] Receptive today
[42:00] Both prosper and profit
[42:30] Hone soft skills
[43:00] Use the time to source
[43:30] Complimentary offerings
[44:00] Advertising opportunities
[44:30] Mastering technology and creating partnerships
[45:00] There are two attitudes
[45:30] Thriving
[46:00] The strategic will inherit the earth
[46:30] More business resources

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Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

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