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The art of productivity

Entrepreneur Jenna Kutcher on how to achieve work-life integration

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When we say we want to be more productive, what does that really mean? We all have the same 24 hours in a day, so how is it that some people are able to accomplish so much more than others – and still have time to spend on doing the things that they love? Those who maximize their time have mastered the art of productivity, and work-life integration.

One of those people is Jenna Kutcher. You may have heard her podcast, Goal Digger, where she helps her listeners redefine success, chase bolder dreams, and tackle their biggest goals.

Jenna is an entrepreneur, an expert marketer, speaker, and social media influencer. She has a strong voice, speaking out about important topics like body positivity, female entrepreneurship, and some of the more difficult ones – like going through a miscarriage. She’s set massive goals for herself, achieved them, and has created an extraordinary life, one that’s on her terms, and her time.

She has created a million dollar business with multiple revenue streams, at just 31 years old. Between running her company, speaking all over the world, and being a Mom to her daughter, Conley, and wife to her husband, Drew, she has a lot going on. But because Jenna has mastered goal setting, productivity, and time – she has completely integrated her work with her life. She’s able to spend time where it matters, with her family, and in her favorite place, Maui, for 3 months out of the year, where she completely disconnects.

In this episode, Jenna shares her approach to success – how she took her wedding photography business, something that relied on her own personal involvement to be successful, and diversified it to the point where it runs even when she’s not there, and generates revenue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


[00:00] The power of the RPM System
[01:06] Season introduction
[01:54] Episode introduction
[04:09] Creating a business that thrives on its own
[04:50] The myth: When you hit 6 figures, you’ve made it
[05:50] Screw six figures, time is what’s important
[06:18] Time is the biggest currency we have
[06:45] The secret to business is diversifying
[07:06] How to decide what to focus on
[07:42] Defining what freedom means
[08:40] How to prioritize and get organized
[09:36] Start with just one thing
[10:50] Even though you can, doesn’t mean you should
[11:21] Figuring out your forward vision
[12:02] Defining what is “enough”
[13:00] Determining your “why”
[14:30] Building a brand, not a business
[15:16] Work-life balance vs. work-life integration
[16:19] Dealing with guilt and learning to release it
[17:01] Ask: What needs me the most right now?
[18:04] How to grow a business, working part-time
[18:55] Putting fears to rest about being a working mom
[19:37] Jenna’s top tips for efficiency and productivity
[20:33] How to protect your scope of influence
[21:14] Jenna’s daily gratitude practice
[22:10] Setting boundaries with social media
[25:15] Episode credits

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