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Mike Tyson’s road to a second chance

The polarizing highs and lows of one of the most thrilling, controversial and celebrated boxers of all time

A special note to our audience: This episode contains language and subject matter that may not be appropriate for some listeners.

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A lot of famous people are known by just ONE THING: a winning shot in a championship game, saying the wrong word or phrase in a public speech, or even a cameo in a Hollywood movie. You’re about to hear Tony interview someone who has had multiple defining moments that people remember him by.

Mike Tyson is a household name – you might know him as the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in the world, or maybe by his cameo in the movie The Hangover. But he’s far more complex than any of these things alone.

Tony has known Mike Tyson for a long time. In fact, Tony first interviewed him over 20 years ago. They had a powerful conversation shortly after Mike’s highly publicized incident with Evander Holyfield, during a dark time in his life. You’ll hear Tony reference this conversation several times throughout the interview.

You’ll also hear Mike open up about his childhood, which was marked with violence from the start. He grew up in Brownsville, a crime-infested neighborhood in Brooklyn, where bone-crushing street fights made self-defense a necessary evil. After being discovered by boxer Bobby Stewart and training with the legendary Cus D’Amato, Mike quickly emerged as “Iron Mike Tyson” – the self-proclaimed “baddest man on the planet” and the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

People think that when you succeed, the world is your oyster. But for many people that is not the case – including Mike, as well as many other celebrity athletes. His rage and madness in the ring that won him so many matches eventually caught up with him. Outside, in the real world, there were severe consequences. He was convicted of a felony, went to prison, lost his fortune, and spent years battling addiction to alcohol and drugs.

But the man you’re about to hear in this episode is completely different than the one he used to be. He’s sensitive, remorseful of his past, and grateful for where he is today. He’s vulnerable. In fact, you’ll even hear him get emotional as he talks about his relationship with Cus D’Amato, a man who not only coached him to greatness, but also served as a father figure to him.

Today, Mike’s life has a new meaning. It’s a life fueled by love – not hate. He’s in pursuit of wellness, for both mind and body – and is focused on creating balance, mindfulness and a strong spirit. He’s a true example of perseverance, despite all that stands to dissuade and dissolve it.

mike tyson interview

Mike Tyson Interview Show Notes

[03:29] The conversation between Mike and Tony 20 years ago
[04:10] Why Mike Tyson impresses Tony so much
[05:00] Mike describes his tough childhood
[05:40] Mike getting bullied, and winning his first fight
[06:25] Mike’s first fights were in his neighborhood
[06:47] Getting introduced to drugs at 9 years old
[07:14] Mike gets shipped off to a reformatory
[07:36] Mike meets former professional fighter Bobby Stewart
[08:01] Mike learns how to box from Bobby Stewart
[08:30] Mike meets Cus D’Amato
[09:21] The Larry Holmes and Muhammed Ali fight
[10:12] Mike gets emotional thinking about Cus D’Amato
[10:40] The influence Cus D’Amato had on Mike
[11:00] Mike’s experience of being hypnotized by Cus D’Amato
[11:45] Mike fights Larry Holmes
[12:15] When Mike starts to believe in himself
[12:36] The impact of Cus D’Amato’s death
[12:55] Dealing with the demons of wanting to hurt people
[13:34] The reason why Mike lost the Holyfield fight
[14:04] Mike’s experience of the racial divide in prison
[15:14] When you don’t have love, you want power
[16:08] Mike’s dedication to his family
[16:51] The effect of Mike’s low self esteem on his behavior
[17:55] How Mike dealt with his pain and learned to trust again
[18:35] The price Mike paid for fame
[19:30] How Mike has redefined the relationships with his loved ones
[21:35] Mike’s relationship with pigeons
[22:23] The story of how Mike got a tiger
[23:43] Why Mike believes Cus D’Amato was put in his life
[24:38] What Mike gave to Cus D’Amato
[25:43] The desire to keep fighting after the fight
[26:56] How willingness to sacrifice gives you the edge
[27:39] The power of doing what your opponent won’t
[28:46] Where Mike’s drive really came from
[29:06] Mike gets out of prison and realizes he wasn’t God
[30:24] Mike makes major changes after the death of his daughter
[30:52] Mike’s life-changing experience with The Toad
[31:21] Tony resolves his fear of death with The Toad
[32:49] Mike faces his demons under The Toad and emerges as a new man
[34:19] Mike’s experience of life after doing The Toad
[34:45] How doing the movie “The Hangover” changed Mike’s life
[35:55] The story of Mike starting his Broadway show
[37:31] How the show went from a drama to a comedy
[38:16] Mike’s upcoming Netflix documentary
[38:44] The incredible accomplishments of Mike’s six children
[39:22] Mike’s new journey with his cannabis ranch
[40:49] The impact that cannabis has on health
[41:05] A day in the life of Mike Tyson, today
[41:30] How surrendering leads you to a beautiful life
[41:53] How Mike treats his relationships today
[42:27] The compassion and love that Mike has for people today
[43:07] Mike’s advice to people going through dark times


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