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How to innovate in zeros

Jonas Kjellberg on how Skype eliminated costs and took the company to a $2.6B exit – in just two years

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If you’re familiar with Tony’s renowned business seminar – Business Mastery, then you know it’s nothing like your average business growth conference. Business Mastery is 5-day immersive seminar where you go to build a platform for explosive growth. Tony takes you on a deep dive into the business growth strategies, systems and resources that you need to take your business to the next level. You learn the innovative strategies that industry leaders like Apple, Zappos and Facebook have used to build massive success. You address the critical factors impacting your own business and learn how you can refocus and realign with a winning business strategy and psychology to compete and innovate in any economy. Because when it comes to business, it shouldn’t be about surviving, it should be about thriving – having absolute mastery, ownership of purpose, and fulfillment like no other.

In this episodes, we’re taking you to a special segment within Business Mastery, where Tony holds a panel discussion with leaders behind today’s fastest growing companies. And this time, you’re going to hear from Jonas Kjellberg: serial entrepreneur, author, investor and most notably – the co-creator of Skype.

Jonas is the ultimate game changer. He’s driven by a deep-seeded passion to shake up the status quo. While others may focus on changing one variable at a time, Jonas has his sights set on changing as many variables as possible. This mindset has led him to take a number of risks and make a lot of big bets – some of which failed spectacularly, and some of which became massive successes like Skype.

Tony and Jonas talk about the evolution of Skype, and how it became one of the internet’s most revolutionary businesses, disrupting the telecommunications sector in a way no one saw coming. Jonas reveals what he has learned from his past failures, and the key lessons he’s taken with him when it comes to eliminating costs, customer acquisition, why every company should be ready to embrace change and pivot on a dime.


[00:57] Episode Introduction
[02:40] Welcome Jonas Kjellberg
[02:40] A serial entrepreneur
[03:30] The secret sauce
[04:25] How Skype was born
[05:40] Selling Skype 2 years later for $2.6 billion
[06:10] A philosophy to swear by: “Innovating in Zeroes”
[06:40] How Skype eliminated costs
[07:40] Using people’s computers to reroute traffic
[09:00] How to add zeroes
[09:10] How Apple was able to raise their prices
[09:35] What takes your product beyond competition?
[10:10] The biggest challenges when building Skype
[10:35] How do you get customers?
[11:10] 3 years to get 20,000 customers
[11:40] Innovating in customer acquisition
[12:00] Friction-free storytelling
[12:10] What are you selling?
[12:30] Harley Davidson’s story
[13:30] What does failure mean to you?
[14:55] Taking risks when you don’t have financial means
[15:20] What does marketing mean to you?
[15:45] Taking a mathematical approach to customer acquisition
[16:30] Good marketing comes from deep passion
[17:00] The marketing challenge with Skype
[18:10] You must constantly measure your business
[18:35] How much scaling matters
[20:40] What industry is ripe for disruption now?
[22:10] Don’t be afraid of pivoting


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