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How AI can boost your business

Hypergiant CEO Ben Lamm explains how artificial intelligence can help you serve your clients like nothing else can

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In this episode of The Tony Robbins Podcast, our host Ana is diving into artificial intelligence and machine learning – phrases that are getting tossed around a lot these days – but are shrouded in mystery and misunderstanding.

Helping demystify the hype and break down the pragmatic benefits of AI is Ben Lamm. Ben is the CEO of Hypergiant – a Dallas-based startup that Tony himself invested in! They’re working with big brands and businesses to bring in technology to solve real business problems. For example, Hypergiant recently teamed up with TGI Friday’s to create an AI-powered mixologist, appropriately dubbed Flanagan. Flanagan offers the customers the experience of personalized drink recommendations while simultaneously collecting more data about their preferences. It’s a win-win that enhances customer connection, and ultimately, customer loyalty.

Ana talks with Ben about these types of practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, and we explore other opportunities for businesses to leverage the tech to best meet their customers’ needs. Because most industries are using outdated practices. And as we enter this new era of AI solutions, it’s time to initiate change and encourage your team to start thinking forward.


[00:57] Episode Introduction
[02:20] Welcome Ben
[02:30] An intro to Hypergiant
[03:05] The problem Hypergiant solves
[04:30] Excitement and emotions around AI
[05:50] Great ideas and passion
[06:00] Creating an accessible, yet impactful business
[06:40] AI is a different way of looking at data
[07:15] NASA using AI to make new companies
[08:15] Taking bite-sized pieces of AI
[09:30] The venture arm of Hypergiant
[10:00] Hypergiant’s approach to solving problems
[10:50] Evaluating potential clients
[12:00] Tech-first vs. business-first
[12:30] Their biggest competitor
[13:40] The old model of approaching sales
[14:00] Metaprograms, deep-listening, NLP
[15:50] A retro-futurism style
[16:50] Considering the cultural mindset of your audience
[18:15] The mobile app comparison
[19:40] The hesitation and skepticism surrounding AI
[20:50] Small changes companies can make now with AI
[21:50] The TGI Friday’s example
[24:40] Focusing on outcomes, then introducing tech
[27:00] Humanization for the customer
[27:30] The value of reinforced learning
[30:30] Building trust with customers
[31:40] How could AI benefit your business?
[34:30] Updating old systems
[35:50] Start with curiosity
[37:50] Encouraging leadership to initiate change
[41:00] The future of AI


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