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Episode 12: The next big disruptor

NextVR’s Brad Allen talks about how virtual reality is about to change everything

Only a handful of people have ever had the opportunity sit courtside at an NBA game. But thanks to NextVR, all of that is about to change.

NextVR – the leader in live-action virtual reality broadcast technology – has developed a way to deliver live and on-demand virtual reality experiences to anyone with a smartphone and a VR device, allowing a massive amount of consumers to immerse themselves into environments that they would otherwise never dream of experiencing in reality. An NFL game from the 50-yard line. The PGA Masters up close and personal. The heavy-weight boxing match from ring-side. The World Series from behind home plate. Virtual reality is poised to disrupt the entire athletics and entertainment industry as we know it.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you will hear from Chairman of NextVR, Brad Allen, about how NextVR anticipated this enormous opportunity in the marketplace and strategically innovated to meet consumers’ needs in a way that no one else ever has.

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Brad Allen, Executive Chairman, NextVR

Brad Allen, Executive Chairman, NextVR


[02:00] The power of anticipation
[04:40] Pattern recognition and anticipation
[07:00] Tony’s reasons for becoming an owner of the LA Football Club
[08:20] Peter Guber introduces Tony to virtual reality
[10:55] Bringing more value to your customer’s experience
[12:15] Virtual reality will change the landscape of business
[14:00] NextVR is meeting customers’ needs like no one else has
[16:00] The potential of virtual reality in all industries
[18:40] NextVR and Executive Chairman, Brad Allen
[19:25] Why virtual reality is a game-changer
[20:50] How big will virtual reality become?
[22:00] The sports NextVR is bringing to virtual reality
[24:00] Social viewing abilities in virtual reality
[26:30] User-generated content via virtual reality
[27:40] New applications of virtual reality
[29:50] Small businesses and virtual reality
[32:55] What’s next on the horizon for NextVR
[35:30] User adoption rates and saturation levels
[39:00] The relationship between virtual reality and mobile


Who can you trust? – Three key lessons that will help you anticipate what is around the corner and take your business to the next level.

Why mobile matters – As mobile devices become an increasingly important and intimate part of our lives, retailers better make sure they know how the mobile game will impact their business model.

Fall in love with your client – Tony lays out the steps you must take to discover your business’s true purpose and to start putting your customer first.

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