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Do you want to be happy?

Tony, Sage and Michael Singer on breaking patterns and finding inner peace

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What does it take to be happy?

We live in a culture where happiness is largely based on external forces – like what we get and what we achieve. And when our life conditions don’t match our expectations, we experience pain and fear. We suffer. But imagine what it would feel like to create a constant sense of inner peace and freedom, and live each day in a beautiful state.

In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you’ll hear a very special conversation with Tony, Sage and Michael Singer, renowned teacher and author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Untethered Soul. They discuss what happiness really is, and what’s preventing you from living a life of peace and joy. They dive into the thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that are limiting your consciousness, and shed light on the ways you can commit to the new habits and patterns that will allow you to let go of pain and suffering and start living a life of self-realization.

Discover what’s holding you back from being happy. Tap into unique methods of meditation and mindfulness that you can use to start living in the present moment. This is the time to take the risk and let go of your pain, step into the unknown, and allow life to unfold in the beautiful way it is meant to.

Michael Singer Interview

Michael Singer Interview Show Notes

[00:37] Tony introduces episode
[02:35] Two master skills in life
[02:55] What makes you happy
[03:10] Tony introduces his wife, Sage
[03:45] The Untethered Soul
[04:50] Michael’s relationship with Tony
[06:00] A Trojan horse
[06:10] Michael’s online course
[07:00] The mind can be dangerous or beautiful
[07:15] All experiences are temporal
[08:35] Learning to work with your mind
[09:00] We all experience pain and fear
[10:00] How can the brain become our enemy
[11:10] Energy becomes trapped
[12:10] Creating a disturbed mind
[12:25] The insight that resonated with Tony
[13:10] Letting go of negative energy
[15:10] Road rage
[15:50] Relax and release
[16:20] “You Have No Problems”
[17:20] Boulders vs. pebbles in life
[17:30] Letting go of our preferences
[18:10] What’s getting in the way?
[21:00] Do you want to be happy?
[23:05] Cleaning up the inside
[23:35] Dealing with the small things
[25:05] Training your mind
[26:10] Relaxation is the foundation
[28:10] Chapter 17 – Death
[29:25] What impacted Tony and Sage the most
[30:20] Taking a breath and slowing down
[30:40] Is your happiness cheap?
[32:05] “Hello are you in there?”
[33:40] How life came to be
[35:55] The moment in front of you
[38:25] Gratitude for your body
[39:30] The power of happy people
[40:10] Michael’s journey as a businessman
[44:20] Learning what surrender is
[48:00] “I can and I will handle this”
[48:40] Surrendering the resistance
[50:40] Build your muscle
[51:10] Sage thanks Michael
[53:30] The process of slowing down
[54:10] Make a commitment to relax
[55:40] Love motivates you
[56:40] The energy inside of you
[58:10] Your most stressful thought
[58:40] Change the channel
[59:00] Meditation
[1:00:55] Developing good habits
[1:02:40] The moment of awareness
[1:03:40] Working in the prison system
[1:05:10] “I’m still watching”
[1:06:30] What surrender really means
[1:07:55] What is your contribution?
[1:10:00] Ego is just fear
[1:10:40] Take responsibility for yourself
[1:12:10] Who you are
[1:13:00] The awakening
[1:15:15] The source of our energy
[1:16:30] Judgement
[1:18:00] His legacy
[1:19:00] Respecting the moments that unfold
[1:21:30] You can’t fight with yourself
[1:22:30] Building the temple
[1:23:55] Only one way to live your life

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Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

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