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Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Tony helps Dave shed the belief he's not good enough and claim what he is made for

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What’s the biggest chokehold on your business?

When a business is struggling, most business owners tend to believe that it’s because they don’t have the necessary skills to run a business, or the right strategy to help it grow. But 80% of the time, the chokehold on a business is actually the psychology of the business owner.

Yes, the strategy, skills and tools are all critical components to creating real and sustainable growth. But knowledge alone is not power – it’s simply potential power. You have to be able to execute to make strides forward. And all too often, we are standing in our own way.

In this episode, we’re taking you to Business Mastery, where you’ll hear Tony work with a business owner whose negative thoughts have been overshadowing his potential for greatness.

Dave has convinced himself that he’s not worthy of building a successful business, and in turn, he’s barely scraping by. Tony helps Dave break free from his limiting beliefs and adopt a new mindset that will allow him to create the type of business that will bring his customers more value than anyone else in the game, and allow him to find the joy and fulfillment he has always desired.


[01:13] Episode introduction
[02:45] Dave introduces himself
[03:00] A problem is just an unanswered question
[04:00] Where is the treasure?
[04:40] Conflict between passion and earnings
[05:00] Where’s the chokehold?
[05:20] Anthony Hopkins
[06:40] Deceiving yourself
[07:10] Something gave you the gift of life
[08:00] Making mistakes that matter
[09:00] The heart has its own intelligence
[09:40] Living in his head, not his heart
[10:05] Asking a new question
[10:25] Learn how to reframe the question
[11:40] What business are you really in?
[11:50] Artist, manager, entrepreneur
[13:00] Lack of confidence
[14:10] If you really want to help, your business must be successful
[14:45] Change the pattern
[15:45] What do you value most?
[16:45] Without a margin, you won’t be able to afford the mission
[18:10] What price do you need to charge?
[19:30] Giving more value than anyone else
[20:50] The training never stops
[21:20] Getting bigger, but making sure it gets better
[21:40] Don’t be afraid to fire your customers
[22:40] The art doesn’t matter if you don’t have a business
[23:35] What do you think happens when you start empowering the team?


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