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How crowdsourcing can ignite your business

Indiegogo co-founder Slava Rubin on fueling massive innovation

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If you are familiar with Tony’s events, then you definitely know about Business Mastery. This 5-day immersive seminar is a deep dive into the business growth strategies, systems and resources that you need to take your business to the next level. It’s not just a business growth conference. It’s a platform for explosive growth. You learn the innovative strategies that industry leaders like Apple, Zappos and Facebook used to find massive success. You address the critical factors impacting your own business, and learn how you can refocus and realign with the winning business strategy and psychology to compete and innovate in any economy. Because when it comes to business, it shouldn’t be about surviving – it should be about thriving – absolute mastery, ownership of purpose, and fulfillment like no other.

In the next three episodes, we’re taking you to a special segment in Tony’s Business Mastery event, where Tony holds a panel discussion with the business leaders behind today’s fastest growing companies. And in this first episode – you’ll hear from Slava Rubin, the co-founder of crowdfunding powerhouse Indiegogo.

Rubin founded Indiegogo in 2008 alongside Danae Ringlemann and Eric Schell and has since seen the crowdfunding site explode, hosting over 600,000 crowdfunding campaigns since its inception. Indiegogo now has about 100 employees. And nearly 15 million people from all over the world go to Indiegogo each month to discover ground-breaking products and services that are solving the world’s problems.

You’ll hear Slava talk about how the crowdfunding platform persevered through 93 no’s from venture capitalists. How they finally found their niche. How they continue to stand out from the crowd (no pun intended). And what the future of crowdfunding looks like for Indiegogo.


[01:30] Introduction
[03:15] Tony welcomes Slava Rubin
[03:40] A billion dollars in funding
[04:00] Indiegogo launched in an economic winter
[04:10] Funding a baby
[05:10] The inception of Indiegogo
[07:40] Learning from Prosper and Youtube
[08:50] Early stage problems
[09:40] Bootstrapping through 2010
[10:10] Creating a “web you couldn’t get out of”
[10:50] Removing 80% of all functionality
[11:25] Rejected by 93 VCs in a row
[12:40] Mid-2009: “As dark as it gets”
[13:40] Deciding against going part-time
[14:20] Learning from Amazon
[15:10] Moving from film to “everything”
[16:10] It’s what’s after the plan that matters
[16:20] Slava’s Mike Tyson story
[17:50] Being a successful entrepreneur
[18:10] Building resourcefulness in your team
[18:50] Hiring based on aligned values
[19:20] It’s about decentralizing and pushing down power
[19:40] Indiegogo’s core values
[20:00] The 3 questions you must ask when hiring
[20:20] What separates them from Kickstarter
[21:10] Becoming synonymous with the entrepreneur
[21:30] The Indiegogo marketplace
[21:40] Equity investing
[22:10] A network of Fortune 500 partners
[22:20] Prioritizing the customer experience
[24:00] The types of campaigns that do best
[26:50] What doesn’t work on Indiegogo
[28:10] Staying ahead of the curve
[28:50] Massive opportunity in the next 5 years
[30:10] When GE used Indiegogo to validate innovation


Don’t compete. Create. – Rather than focusing on disruption, set your sites on non-disruptive creation and add real value that your customer can’t get anywhere else.

Making your customers happy – It’s not just about offering solutions to your customers’ pain points, it’s about giving them the white glove experience from start to finish.

The power of story – Stories are a critical part of any business, and one of the most powerful tools you can use to engage your audience.

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