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How to create life-changing moments

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Why do certain experiences influence us so strongly? How can even the most fleeting moments impact us in way that we remember them for years? And how can we intentionally create such experiences and moments to enrich and enhance our lives?

In this episode of the Tony Robbins, you’ll hear from bestselling author, speaker and professor – Dan Heath. Dan is a senior fellow at Duke University’s CASE center, which supports entrepreneurs fighting for social good. Dan and his brother Chip have written three New York Times bestsellers: Made to Stick, Decisive and Switch – which have sold over 2 million copies worldwide, and have been translated into 33 languages.

Now, in their upcoming book – The Power of Moments – the Heath brothers are revealing the keys to what they call “defining moments” – that is, the most memorable and meaningful experiences in our lives.

When we understand the principles that underlie such moments, we can then learn how to intentionally create experiences that further enrich and enhance both our personal and our professional lives.

Businesses can learn how to create moments that make both customers and employees more loyal and more satisfied. Families can learn how to create more lasting memories together. Teachers can create lesson plans that students will remember for years and years.

Life is a series of moments and experiences. But with the right tools, tactics and insights, you can learn how to create the defining moments that will bring immense meaning to your lives.

Dan Heath Podcast

Dan Heath Podcast Show Notes

[01:30] Episode introduction
[03:50] Welcome Dan Heath
[04:10] The moments that bring meaning to our lives
[04:50] Reframing
[06:20] Short experiences that are both memorable and meaningful
[06:50] People’s positive moments share a lot in common
[07:30] The 4 elements of defining moments
[07:45] Elevation – an experience that rises above the everyday
[08:20] Moments of insight – clarity
[08:40] Pride – moments of recognition, courage
[08:55] Connection – between individuals, groups
[09:50] Examples of these 4 elements
[10:30] The Magic Castle
[11:50] The concern for moments
[13:30] Great experiences are often mostly forgettable and occasionally remarkable
[14:00] The “peak end” rule
[14:15] Why we remember what we do about our experiences
[14:30] The Disney paradox
[16:30] The opportunities in mini events
[17:00] Southwest Airlines
[21:00] Creating a culture that allows employees to create peak moments
[22:20] Two of the best motivators – autonomy and creativity
[22:40] A healthy culture honors employees
[22:50] The loyalty card example
[24:20] Breaking the script – “Joshie the Giraffe”
[27:00] The script we follow in our personal lives
[28:30] Service recovery
[29:20] Finding a nail in my oatmeal
[31:00] Opportunities to connect with customers during key times
[31:50] Customer relationships
[33:10] In an ideal world that celebrated moments
[34:50] How pride can create defining moments
[35:30] Recognition is an underutilized powers of many organizations
[36:30] The recognition gap
[38:00] The importance of specificity
[41:00] The Hillsdale High School example
[44:30] Purpose, passion and performance
[47:00] Pursue work that makes you feel part of something
[47:20] Look for the purpose in what you are doing
[49:00] As a leader, purpose is something you can help build
[50:15] Creating a moment of purpose
[52:00] Dan’s upcoming book


How to get what you want – When it comes to mastery, you must learn how to set a clearly defined goal and adhere to a system that will set you on the path to success.

How to reprogram your mind – Take a more active approach to designing your life so that you can create a life that gives you fulfillment, joy and passion.

Why is growth so addictive? – If you’re not growing, you’re dying. But growth doesn’t require constant massive change – in fact, you can learn how to integrate growth into your everyday life.

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