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Built to Serve – and Succeed

How Tony Robbins built an empire around serving others


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Have you ever wondered how Tony built a $6 billion business empire? Or how his biggest frustrations, and even failures, fueled his success?

Business Insider’s Richard Feloni flew to Tony’s Fiji resort Namale for this far-reaching, revealing interview that originally ran on the “Success! How I Did It” podcast. And in this special episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, you will hear Tony explain just how his tumultuous childhood led to his life’s calling, and how he developed the notion of a “performance coach.” He details what it was like going from a broke teenager to a millionaire with a bestselling book in several short years, and how he dealt with fame and increasing responsibilities. Tony offers insight into his coaching process, and what his daily correspondences with one of his oldest clients, billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones, are like. The interview offers insight into how Robbins has quietly built a $6 billion business empire, and why he’s constantly pushing himself into new opportunities. Tony also shares with listeners the fundamental advice that he gives every entrepreneur he coaches, on how to recognize and deal with your “threshold of control.”


[01:13] Episode introduction
[01:40] Tony’s mission isn’t about motivating others
[02:15] A different kind of coach
[02:42] Tony’s difficult upbringing
[03:15] What Tony learned from his mentors
[04:00] Having to anticipate his mother’s many moods
[04:40] The role important books played in Tony’s life
[05:30] First experience with coaching seminars
[06:00] Setting goals to help others
[06:50] Building his brand
[07:10] Tony’s start with his own seminars
[08:15] Dealing with the higher level of demand
[09:10] When did Tony start making investments?
[10:10] How many companies does Tony have?
[11:30] Tony’s foundation
[11:40] The Thanksgiving that changed Tony’s life
[12:20] Partnering with Feeding America
[13:15] Building relationships in the beginning of his career
[14:00] Challenging traditional therapy
[15:00] Tony’s relationship with Paul Tudor Jones
[16:45] Money Master the Game marks a new chapter
[17:30] The reasons Tony was motivated to write MMTG
[18:30] Tony’s perspective on Donald Trump
[19:30] Tony’s advice for Donald Trump
[20:40] Being combative prevents people from getting anything done
[21:20] One fundamental lesson for entrepreneurs
[22:20] Threshold and control moments
[23:00] Make the decision to focus on what you can do
[24:00] Live out of what’s possible



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Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

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