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Transforming stressful thoughts into fuel for success

Tony shows business owners how transform their most stressful thoughts into fuel for success

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As a business owner, what is the most stressful thought you have? What keeps you up at night? Is it a fear of failing? The anxiety of the future? Worries about hiring, or firing?

Every business owner will inevitably face daunting challenges that he or she must overcome. That’s just the nature of the beast.

But the stressful thoughts – the worries that we conjure in our minds about the unknown – these are not only impacting your emotional state, they’re hindering your path forward. And it’s up to you to make the decision to take back control of your thoughts, adopt a stronger, more focused mindset, and step into the role you were meant for.

In this episode of the Real Breakthrough Series, we’re taking you back to Business Mastery, where Tony is working with business owners who have given in to their negative beliefs, allowing these thoughts to hinder their path to growth.

Tony helps them understand that the challenge they must overcome is their own psychology. He shows them that these thoughts are ultimately just machinations of their greatest fears – and that they only have power if you believe them. But – if you are ready to step out of these limiting beliefs, then you must adopt the steadfast mindset and unshakeable state of a true leader. So that any negative thought that arises is immediately dismissed. And any challenge that comes your way is seen as an opportunity to grow.


[01:12] Episode Introduction
[02:40] You are not your thoughts
[02:55] Believing the thoughts is what hurts you
[03:15] Travis’s stressful thoughts
[03:45] All beliefs carry consequences
[04:50] Your thoughts aren’t unique
[05:20] Fear of failure
[06:05] The belief you won’t ever have freedom
[07:50] Confusing success with fears
[09:00] You will stress when you believe your thoughts
[09:15] Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure
[10:15] The strongest force is the need to stay consistent with your identity
[12:00] Unconscious self-sabotage
[14:00] When you do better than you expect
[14:50] You must shift your identity
[15:00] Decide: Who am I today?
[15:50] Who did he have to be for his father?
[17:30] Discovering where his fears come from
[18:40] Tapping into a different part of yourself
[20:15] Master your mind by questioning your thoughts
[21:25] Tony’s 90 second rule
[21:35] Turn to appreciation
[22:15] Worrying her business will be out of control
[23:00] Put a different person in charge within you
[23:30] We generalize who we are
[25:00] Hire slow, fire fast
[25:20] Tony’s original chokehold

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