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Are you scared of being cheated on?

Tony helps Aly to push past her two deepest fears and finally be open to love

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For almost 40 years, Tony has been obsessed with learning the answer to what makes a difference in quality of people’s lives. And he’s worked with more than 50 million people from every walk of life – from some of the world’s most powerful leaders to individuals who have struggled to overcome dire circumstances.

Tony doesn’t teach people just to solve their problems, he helps them solve what caused the problems in the first place – digging into their fundamental beliefs, values and goals. Because that’s where the breakthrough happens.

In this new series of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we are going to be taking you to events like Date with Destiny, UPW and Business Mastery – where you’ll have a front row seat to some of these life-changing breakthroughs.

In this episode, you are going to hear Tony work with Aly. For a lifetime, Aly was fed toxic thoughts from her mother – thoughts she allowed control her life. And as a result, she’s struggled with intimacy, and has moved from relationship to relationship, encountering the same problems.

Tony works with Aly to answer her fundamentally unquestioned thoughts – why she believes certain things, why she expects certain things, and why she behaves in certain ways. He helps her see that her suffering doesn’t just come from the past – it comes from her choice to allow certain beliefs to guide her life. And that if she wants to shift out of pain and loneliness, it’s time to let go of those old thoughts and start living in a way that opens her up to true love.


[01:13] Episode introduction
[03:05] What are your 2 most stressful thoughts?
[03:30] Money and men
[03:45] What’s the fear?
[04:10] Belief: “I won’t find a man that won’t cheat on me”
[04:40] Belief: “I cannot trust any man”
[05:25] Who taught you this belief?
[05:40] The power of a thought
[06:10] Answering your question from a different perspective
[06:40] Even the worst human beings’ behavior has a positive intent
[07:10] Whenever you’re in pain it’s because you haven’t found the higher purpose
[07:25] Changing your perspective
[07:40] Coming from a place of pain
[07:59] Reacting based on conditioning
[08:25] The intent versus the behavior
[08:35] In a place of fear, you will never find the solution
[09:30] You will never be disappointed if you know something will never work
[10:20] Ex. Donald Trump
[11:50] What’s missing and why?
[13:20] Pleasure is magnified exponentially when you share it with another
[14:40] Letting go of certainty
[15:10] The problem with most relationships today
[16:20] The moment that ended the Cold War
[19:45] I am the trigger waiting to happen
[20:10] What do you really want?
[23:05] Real courage is faith
[24:05] You have to have faith in yourself
[26:20] We feel glad when we feel a lift in our state
[28:20] Why people cheat
[31:20] Making mistakes and solving them is how you learn how to love yourself
[32:35] What must you be like to attract this person?
[33:15] It’s a pattern, it’s not you
[35:00] How you act when you believe your thoughts
[36:05] Your response to your trauma
[36:30] Anger gets you certainty
[37:45] Aly finds 3 specific things to transform
[40:20] Where do you judge your parents?
[40:55] Let go of the story that we’ve attached to
[42:15] You don’t want to live with regret
[44:35] Forgiveness, letting go, learning, understanding
[44:45] 3 ways out of suffering
[45:00] You only suffer when you focus on yourself
[45:15] Shift your thoughts to what you can appreciate
[45:30] Focus on learning and growth
[45:50] Understanding that love is a verb
[46:25] The way to love yourself is to love those around you

Team Tony

Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

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