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6 things Tony is doing to take charge of his businesses

Special Bonus Episode

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Business owners are a special breed – determined, resolved. The embodiment of self-reliance and self-determination. But it takes more than just these traits to be successful, especially right now.

In this special bonus episode, you’ll hear the six things that Tony is doing to take charge of his own businesses to defy the odds and emerge from this challenge with certainty and strength.


[00:00] Bonus episode intro
[00:30] Tony’s introduction
[1:00] Car accidents
[1:30] Faith
[2:00] The alternative to not having faith
[2:30] Tony’s companies
[3:00] Being creative
[3:30] Overview
[4:00] Humpty Dumpty
[4:30] How do we adapt?
[5:00] Accountants
[5:30] A balance of optimism and pessimism
[6:00] Kill the monster while it’s little
[6:30] Making the tough decision
[7:00] Past tough times
[7:30] Skunk Works
[8:00] Tests
[8:30] Business Mastery example
[9:00] Getting in a beautiful state
[9:30] Body and mind are tied together
[10:00] Winter isn’t forever
[10:30] Latest podcast episode

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Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

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