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The Tony Robbins podcast

First season featuring business strategies & tools now available in iTunes & Stitcher

San Diego, CA (April 4, 2016) — Robbins Research International announces today the release of Season One of the all-new Tony Robbins Podcast, starting with the first three episodes, available on both iTunes and Stitcher. The first season will focus on business; specifically, ways for small and medium-sized business owners to gain a competitive edge and to dominate their existing market — or even, in some cases, create an entirely new one.

The podcast, which will release a new episode each week, will feature proprietary ideas and strategies from Tony Robbins himself, as well as unique lessons and insights from outstanding achievers and experts in the business world. Tony Robbins is a recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations and organizational turnaround, and he has served as an advisor to leaders around the world — including American businessmen Peter Guber, Steve Wynn and Marc Benioff — for more than 38 years.

Through his interviews, and those conducted by hostess Ana Yoerg of Robbins Research International, listeners spanning from established executives to aspiring entrepreneurs will learn how to create real, lasting change in their business.

“Tony Robbins and his strategies and tools have been at the core of our culture from the beginning,” says Marc Benioff, CEO of “He has been one of the critical keys to Salesforce’s leadership in cloud computing and its growth into a $6 billion dollar company.”

Author of five internationally bestselling books, including the recent New York Times #1 best-seller MONEY: MASTER THE GAME, Robbins has empowered more than 50 million people from 100 countries through his audio, video and life training programs. He created the #1 personal and professional development program of all time, and more than 4 million people have attended his live seminars. Robbins was named one of the “Top 50 Business Intellectuals” by Accenture, one of the “Top 200 Business Gurus” by the Harvard Business Press, and in 2015, he was listed #49 on the Worth Magazine Power 100 list.

Upcoming “Tony Robbins Podcast” episodes include:

  • Episode #1: Strategic Innovation — Tony Robbins discusses how to make strategic innovation part of your company culture so that you are constantly improving your processes, products or services in a way that creates real value.
  • Episode #2: Making Competition Irrelevant — Renée Mauborgne (professor at INSEAD, co-director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute and author of best-selling book, Blue Ocean Strategy) discusses how any business, in any industry, can break away from the competition, build a strong brand, and get the world of social media to start talking.
  • Episode #3: The 7 Forces of Business Mastery — Tom Bilyeu (CEO of Quest Nutrition) discusses how Tony Robbins’ core strategies helped him take his business from a vision to one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.
  • Episode #4: World Class Marketing — Drew Neisser (author of The CMO’s Periodic Table: A Renegade’s Guide to Marketing, and Founder and CEO of social/marketing firm Renegade) discusses how businesses can create value-added marketing and use that to connect and engage with their customers.
  • Episode #5: Transforming your Company’s Culture — Marissa Levin (CEO of Successful Culture, an organization dedicated to helping leaders build extraordinary cultures) discusses what it takes to create a thriving company culture and how that can lead to a more fulfilling, successful business model.
  • Episode #6: The Power of Anticipation — Tony Robbins and Martin Ford (software entrepreneur and author of Financial Times and the McKinsey Business Book of the Year “Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future”) discuss the importance of staying ahead of the curve and how some of the biggest upcoming changes in technology will impact the landscape of various industries.
  • Episode #7: Investing Smart — Ashwin Vasan (CEO of macro hedge fund Trend Capital) discusses how he built one of the most successful hedge funds during an economic winter, and the global trends that may have a tremendous impact on your investments.
  • Episode #8: Habits and Efficiency – Charles Duhigg (Pulitzer prize winning reporter for the New York Times, and author of NYT best-selling book The Power of Habit and the recently released Smarter, Better, Faster) discusses how harnessing the power of habits can transform our businesses, our communities and our lives.

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About Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. For more than thirty-seven years, millions of people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and dynamic presentation of Mr. Robbins’s corporate and personal development events. He is the nation’s #1 life and business strategist. He’s called upon to consult and coach with some of the world’s finest athletes, entertainers, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even presidents of nations.

As an entrepreneur, he has more than twenty companies, a dozen of which he actively manages. At present, the companies he founded or partnered in have combined annual sales of more than $6 billion a year.

Also of note is Robbins’s marquee philanthropy, which spans more than three and a half decades of serving those forgotten by society—children, the imprisoned, and the homeless. He is responsible for feeding more than 42 million people. This year, through his partnership with Feeding America, Robbins has committed to personally provide 50 million meals to those in need, and he is at work to get matching funds to feed 100 million more.

A #1 New York Times bestselling author, he lives in Palm Beach, Florida.

About Robbins Research International

Robbins Research International, Inc., the research and marketing arm of Anthony Robbins’ personal development businesses, conducts personal development, sales and corporate seminars that cover a wide range of topics, from mental conditioning and personal achievement systems to communication and business mastery.

Team Tony

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