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New Year resolution ideas

Instead of a New Year resolution, create an action plan for success

How many times have you made New Year’s resolutions? How many times have you actually seen them through? At the start of a new year, resolution is the word of the day, yet many of us struggle with giving a New Year’s resolution meaning, much less making it stick. We seek out New Year’s resolution ideas, hoping to stumble upon success. But without a New Year’s resolution definition that resonates, the goals we set don’t inspire us. And when goals don’t ignite our passions, they quickly fall flat. In the face of failure, it’s tempting to ask, “What is a New Year’s resolution if it doesn’t last?” 

This year, give yourself permission to take a different approach. Instead of setting yourself up to fail with an objective that’s uninspiring or unattainable, cut yourself a break. When you digest your New Year’s resolution in small bites, you’re able to pace yourself and enjoy your progress along the way. 

What is a New Year’s resolution? 

What is a New Year’s resolution? The Cambridge Dictionary provides a New Year’s resolution definition by the books: A New Year’s resolution is a promise you make to yourself at the start of the year, setting goals to start doing something beneficial or stop doing something harmful. Cambridge cites New Year’s resolution ideas like quitting smoking and eating more healthfully. The concept hinges on improving your life so it aligns with your passions.

With this definition in hand, you can create your own New Year’s resolution meaning, tailored to your unique desires and goals. 

Creating a New Year’s resolution that sticks

For most of us, the new year merely means a new start on old habits. Even if we have the best intentions when making a New Year’s resolution, and perhaps spend the first few weeks with guns blazing, eventually our inherent patterns re-emerge, and we’re back to square one. Only now, we are left with residual guilt and frustration that we weren’t able to follow through. It’s a lose-lose situation.

This year, we suggest something new: nix those resolutions. Stop setting yourself up to fail. Stop placing all of the weight on the end goal. Start shifting your focus to daily practices that you can put into action right now.

Now, this doesn’t mean that instead of saying you are going to lose 10 pounds to shift your focus on hitting the gym every day. It’s much more fundamental. The key to creating a New Year’s resolution that sticks is learning how to cultivate new habits – like going to the gym – by starting at the root: a shift in perspective. It’s these small changes that can lead to shifts in behavior, and cumulate over time to create one massive transformation. 

As you search out New Year’s resolution ideas, remember the basics. The truth is, whatever it is you are after – a better body, more passion, more energy, more money – whatever it is you want more of, in basic terms, comes down to one thing: you are after an extraordinary life. So this year, let’s stop putting so much focus on a singular grand result and start focusing on what we can do now to achieve that outcome. And that means starting at the root, the core, the heart of it all, and changing the way we approach the seemingly little aspects of our everyday lives. This is the essence of creating an actionable New Year’s resolution with meaning.

New Year’s resolution ideas 

Here are 20 New Year’s resolution ideas to get you started:

1. Embrace an active lifestyle

  • Incorporate movement into everything you do.

2. Get in shape

3. Eat healthfully

  • Eat nutritious, delicious foods.

4. Get quality sleep

  • Manage your lifestyle, diet and mindset to get quality sleep every night.

5. Detoxify your body

  • Detoxifying the body is one of the most common New Year’s resolution ideas. Take Tony Robbins’ 10-Day Pure Energy Challenge to rejuvenate yourself.

6. Manage your time effectively

  • Stop procrastinating and take charge of your schedule.

7. Make more money

  • Create an action plan to make a profit, save more money and spend strategically.

8. Transform your workplace

  • Commit to creating a vibrant company culture so your entire team thrives.

9. Spend your time wisely

  • Let go of activities that don’t build you up, and find ones that do.

10. Sharpen your mind

  • Take steps to improve your concentration and mental sharpness.

11. Cultivate your intellect

  • Nourish your intellect by reading more books and watching less TV.

12. Increase your self-confidence

  • Learn to trust yourself, your skills and your natural abilities.

13. Kick stress to the curb

14. Learn a new skill

  • What is a skill you’ve always wanted to develop? Incorporate it into your New Year’s resolution.

15. Improve your communication skills

  • Learn how to find common ground with almost anyone.

16. Widen your network

  • What is a New Year’s resolution without meaningful relationships? Make new friends, colleagues and connections.

17. Develop your people skills

  • Learn to win and influence others.

18. Increase the passion in your relationship

  • Build the passionate relationship you and your partner deserve.

19. Pursue your dreams

  • Focus on identifying, pursuing and capturing your dreams.

20. Find contentment

  • Learn to be happy with what you have while building the purpose-filled life you deserve.

Creating a meaningful New Year’s resolution is your first step in harnessing the power of a fresh start. Discover the driving force behind your goals to create the captivating future you deserve. 

Team Tony

Team Tony cultivates, curates and shares Tony Robbins’ stories and core principles, to help others achieve an extraordinary life.

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