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What is your body telling you?

Even compared to a consumer electronics factory, the U.S. healthcare system or even the Tokyo subway, your body is one of the most intricate systems on the planet. For instance, for every pound of fat or muscle that you gain, your body will create seven miles of new blood vessels. Crying alleviates stress, anger and sadness. And your liver can regenerate itself!

As you can see, the human body is capable of amazing feats. So, what does it take to maintain all of these inner-workings and the many other undertakings the body is responsible for? The answer is: a sound internal system and proper elimination of toxins and waste.

There are six organs in the body that eliminate waste: the lungs, skin, kidneys, liver, colon and lymph.

With so much upkeep your body is responsible for, elimination is your body’s way of keeping your body in optimal health and free from harmful bacteria. Without it, your body just wouldn’t function properly. Believe it or not, we can eliminate up to two pounds of toxic waste per day! And, when one of these organs is compromised or slows down, it affects the other organs — further escalating the problem. When your body cannot get rid of all of the waste it needs to, it stays and spreads to other parts of the body, which results in sickness and even disease.

Skin disorders, fatigue, constipation and bad breath are all the result of your elimination system not working properly. And these problems often start on your plate. Dead food and a diet that contains high amounts of sugar, fat and processed food don’t serve your body — they make it work harder and make elimination all the more difficult. These foods clog your colon, cause constipation, affect your blood sugar and poison your blood. All of this then results in the machine, that is, your body, being compromised.

But there are ways to repair the problems you have with elimination. It involves changing your diet to one that is less toxic or taking more controversial routes such as colon hydrotherapy or enemas. What are those? They are simply the process by which old fecal matter is extracted from the colon by gently and slowly injecting and then extracting water to and from the colon. The result is the removal of waste that was oftentimes stuck and releasing toxins back into the body. Ultimately, though, it’s your diet that will keep your system flowing properly for the long term.

Here are some clues that you are not eliminating as well as you should be and it may be time to re-think your diet and get your system back in working order.

8 signs it’s time to eliminate

–    Your eyes are not clear and/or yellowish or red
–    You eat sugar or white flour and/or drink a lot of caffeine or alcohol
–    You feel lethargic and consistently fatigued
–    Brain fog
–    You need better quality of sleep
–    Bad breath
–    Constipation
–    Skin problems

*Please consult your physician before engaging in colon hydrotherapy, enemas or changing your diet in any way.

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