Why are personality tests important?

Whether you’re working on building a rockstar team or curious to learn more about yourself, personality assessments are invaluable yet many people hesitate to use them. What is the purpose of a personality test, why are they important and is it necessary to submit to one to get a job? The question of why even use personality tests in the first place raises several pivotal issues, including the limited nature of self-awareness and the phenomenon of personal blind spots.

If you’re hesitant to take a personality inventory, that’s your limiting beliefs talking. Personality testing reveals that you’re far more capable than you think you are. When you dig deep to understand yourself, you’re able to identify your strengths, turn your weaknesses into assets and leverage your entire personality to achieve anything you want in life.

Will using personality tests benefit your business long-term?

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What is the purpose of a personality test?

When we ask what the purpose of a personality test is, what we’re really getting at is what role they can serve in our professional and personal growth. Why are personality tests important when we already understand ourselves? No matter how self-aware you are, examining yourself through an external lens reveals insights you can’t glean from within. When you take a personality test, you’re able to:

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Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Getting an objective and thorough understanding of yourself is one of the primary reasons to explore personality testing. Most of us are familiar with some of our strengths and some of our weaknesses but not all of them. Without a complete picture of both, you’re hampered by over-confidence, self-doubt, a lack of clarity or all three. Personality testing creates greater self-awareness so you’re operating with a full deck of cards.

Make targeted career choices

Why are personality tests useful as a career tool? They provide direction. Personality inventories help you uncover your interests, skills and aptitudes, which come into play when you’re growing your career. The better you understand what you have to offer and what you want in a career, the more equipped you are to find your place in the work world.

Tough decisions

Refine your social skills

Why are personality tests important for your social life? Huffington Post reports that when you take a personality inventory it provides feedback that categorizes you into a subgroup of people with similar traits. This is inherently rewarding since humans are social beings who want to find their niche. When you know how you operate socially, you’re more self-accepting and able to empathize with others.

Accept yourself as you are

What is the purpose of a personality test in the realm of self-esteem? Self-awareness is often clouded by subconscious influences like upbringing or beliefs. Personality inventories are subjective, so they’re able to elucidate your personality traits without any baggage. If you need a self-esteem boost, take a personality inventory to learn something great about yourself you’d never realized before.

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Tailor your self-discovery process

Why use personality tests at all if we can’t tailor them to meet our needs? The answer is, we can. Pick the self-assessment tool that fits your needs, including Tony Robbins’ DISC assessment or the Myers-Briggs test.

Why should we use personality tests? The role of self-confidence

When you’re working toward a goal, self-confidence is key. Without self-assurance, you’re bogged down in what could go wrong, why you feel inadequate and how you’ve failed in the past. Why should we use personality tests to boost confidence? These inventories are designed to reveal your strengths so you can leverage them to transform your life. When you know what your talents are, you’re able to lean into them as a tool for getting what you want.

Why are personality tests important? The role of leveraging

Popular wisdom teaches us to focus on our weaknesses so we know what to improve. In reality, the opposite is true: The most effective personal development strategy is to view your weaknesses as strengths. Why are personality tests important in this regard? Any “weakness” has a flip side that is actually beneficial. If small talk isn’t your strong point, you’re probably finely attuned to deeper, more meaningful conversations, which enhances your relationship capacity. With the help of a personality inventory, you’re able to frame your weaknesses within the greater context of your strengths. 

What is the purpose of a personality test? It builds the self-awareness you need to live with authenticity. Learn more about personality inventories and how they can help you build the extraordinary life you deserve.

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Personality tests can boost your self-confidence.  Start with evaluating your strengths & weaknesses for the best outcomes. Learn more today through Tony’s Entrepreneur Accelerator Toolkit.