Everything you need to know before choosing a coach

Real estate is a competitive field. Some of the top agents have enlisted the help of real estate coaches  to climb the mountain. A real estate coach is someone who has been at the top of the industry, and also has the communication skills to teach you to be successful. There are tons of companies that offer real estate coaching. Here’s what to know before hiring one of them.

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What can a strategic real estate coach do for me?

The best real estate coaches keep you on track, push you to reach your goals and offer support and guidance through tough decisions and learning moments. Just starting out? Your coach is your go-to person for questions and advice on building your client database, creating lasting business relationships, structuring your business, discovering how to be a leader and more. They can help you leverage what you already know to get in the game – which is no small feat in an industry as fast-moving and competitive as real estate.

Hit a plateau? Coaches have been there. They have all the tricks and tips you need to refocus your goals and get over the hump and back on the growth track. No successful person has done it alone. Tony himself has had many coaches and mentors over the years. A coach can be the factor that turns your ambition and hunger and into positive actions and good decisions. 

What qualities do the best real estate coaches have?

Real estate coaching is nearly as competitive as the real estate industry itself. You’ll quickly notice that you have plenty of options. But, like finding a mentor, choosing your strategic real estate coach is about making the right match. You’re making an investment – not only of money, but of time – and you should always ensure both of those things are well-spent. Look for these qualities:

1. Brings out your full potential

Everyone is different – it makes life interesting. It also means that building a real estate business is different for everyone. Do you want to operate independently, start a real estate brokerage or perhaps change career paths? Are you skilled in sales and negotiation or in creating raving fan customers? The best real estate coaches help you bring out your full potential – so you can crush your competition at all levels.

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2. Has industry expertise

real estate coaching industry experience

You don’t necessarily need to hire a superstar coach. But you do need someone with proven success within your real estate specialty. Some coaching firms might specialize in sales, others in referral building and marketing and others in group training and leadership. Always read or watch testimonials and reviews. Look for stories that are similar to yours, and you’ll find a coach that deeply understands your needs.

3. Thinks long-term

Real estate coaching experience is important – but so are vision and innovation. As Tony says, “Deciding to commit yourself to long-term results rather than short-term fixes is as important as any decision you’ll make in your lifetime.” The real estate industry’s huge fluctuations in profitability make this especially true. You need a coach who can not only keep up, but stay one step ahead and help you formulate a long-term plan so that you survive and thrive in any market.

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4. Is passionate

real estate coaching passion

“There is no greatness without a passion for being great,” Tony says. The best real estate coaches have that passion. More importantly, they have a passion for making you great. How do you spot passion? Passionate coaches speak at conferences and on YouTube and podcasts. They share opinions in interviews and articles. They’ve discovered their purpose in life, and they share it abundantly.

Is real estate coaching right for me?

Everyone has the potential to achieve success. But sometimes life gets busy, you make a bad business decision or you’re just plain worn out. Real estate coaching is right for you if you need that extra push to change your mindset and get back in the game. And you don’t need thousands of dollars to do it. As Tony says, “Success is not about your resources. It’s about how resourceful you are with what you have.” The ultimate resource is inside you – you just need to bring it out.

Tony’s real estate coaching training and other business resources will help you sharpen your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Results Coaches help you break through the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in many different areas of your life. They’re your personal trainer for your life. Want to focus on business? Tony’s Business Coaching gets massive results – from scaling your company to identifying new opportunities. Don’t stop at real estate coaching – change your whole life.

Frequently asked real estate coaching questions
What does a strategic real estate coach do?

Real estate coaches can provide many different types of guidance. But first, they will ask you a lot of questions about your business. This is a sign of the best real estate coaches: They’ll dig deep into every corner of your business and analyze where you have opportunities for improvement. They will also listen to any concerns you might have. Then they can begin giving you advice.

What can I expect from a real estate coaching session?

Each real estate coach is different. You may meet once a week, or less. You may talk on the phone, video chat or meet in person. Session length can vary as well. Be sure you’re clear on the terms of your coaching contract before you sign. Many coaches provide a free consultation, including Tony Robbins’ programs, so take advantage. This will give you an idea of what a coaching session will be like.

How long will I need a real estate coach for?

You can use a real estate coach for as long as you like. The best real estate coaches will be able to coach total beginners, those growing their businesses and even those who have reached the top – but are still dreaming big. If you have a specific issue or goal in mind, find a coach who is willing to work for a shorter contract period. The bottom line is, real estate coaching should cater to your needs.

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